There are three main airports in Moscow: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, and Vnukovo.
If you arrive from abroad you will probably arrive at either Sheremetyevo 2 airport (which includes most international airlines including Aeroflot) or Domodedovo airport which includes British Airways, Air Malta, Swiss Airlines, Emirates, China Eastern, Thai Airways)
Domestic flights usually leave from Sheremetyevo 1 or Domodedovo airport.
Vnukovo airport deals in mostly domestic flights such as Vladivostock Avia, UtAir, and flights to North Caucasus. It also caters for flights to germany.                                                                                    

Domodedovo Airport

Phone 7 (495)933-6666, 7 (495) 363-3064 (inquiries)

The airport is approximately 15 km south of Moscow and 5 km to the right of Moscow which is the St Petersburg highway. It is connected to the city with a rail link and highway. The airport handles most of the domestic flights including many of the international flights. Which include (airlines: Pulkovo, Transaero,East Line,Etc.). International airlines that the airport serves include Emirates, Swiss Airlines, AirMalta, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, China Eastern.
Amenities: Duty Free Shops

   Sheremetyevo 2

The airport is approximately 15 km north of Moscow and 5 km to the right of Moscow which is the St Petersburg /> Sheremetyev 2 International Airport - Phone 7 (495) 232-6565 (English Speaking Operator) or 578-9101, 578,4727, 956-4666
Amenities: Duty Free Shops, 24 Hour Post Office, Internet Browsing, 24 Bar in the Arrival Area along with Grocery Store.
Restaurants: Tajmahal (located next to Terminals 6-9 and the Irish Bar.

Sheremetyevo 1

 This airport serving mostly domestic flights is located approximately 5 km from Sheremtyevo 2, this airport.
Amenities: Shuttle servive connecting both Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2. In addition there are also there minibuses that travel between the 2 airports.
Phone: 7 (495) 232-6565

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